The Earth Can Talk Principles

The Earth as our Friend:

Recently in running my pilot Earth Programme at school I asked each child separately if they thought it was possible to be friends with the flowers and the trees. They all said yes. This led me to wonder if being friends with the earth was one of those wonderful childhood qualities which slowly disappears as we grow up and learn to be adults.

However, there is nothing childish about being friends with the earth and as we deepen our connection and appreciation of it, this friendship becomes inevitable. We find we are no longer alone, that there is always some comfort and support to be found, always some wise advice to discover. How many of us have found solace through a walk in the country or a moment outdoors, alone with ourselves?

Lets be friends with the earth not out of duty, not out of some feeling of guilt from the horrors we have cast upon her, but because we want to be.  So talk to your flowers, acknowledge your trees, give your pot plants names, make friends with your garden -you may be surprised at what you discover.

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