Uniting through nature


Nature has the ability to unite us, through her adverse weather and her natural disasters. Perhaps we could unite more through her beauty too?


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The Owl Tree

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Alien Orchids

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am fascinated by Orchids, they seem quite in a class of their own. It has been suggested that they are the most enlightened and advanced species of the flower kingdom. Does this account for their alien faces I wonder?

Orchids are known as the most enlightened flower forms - perhaps why it looks more like an alien than humaniod

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Have you noticed the sky today?Clouds

Have you devoured its scene?

Have you stopped at a tree today,

to study its bark and its green?


Have you taken a minute today

to stop in the mirror and smile?

or have you forgotten and walked through your day

mindlessly, mile after mile?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you considered the soil today,

preparing and stirring for Spring?

Have you been silent, step outside your thoughts

and heard nature’s birds as they sing?


Have you had kind words to say to yourself?

Or given compassion to others?

Or have you been trapped in the prison of self

and forgotten the rest are your brothers?


Have you remembered we don’t live alone?

that the earth breathes alongside us too.

So did you notice the sunset tonight

with its glow and its pretty pink hue?


‘Tomorrow, perhaps’ I hear you reply –

the mind is so keen to delay.

But days turn to years and while you’re asleep

you miss what you could see today.



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The female in nature

When I saw this tree I saw immediately the beautiful image of Gaia, the female spirit of the earth. With her strong flowing figure and her arms, neck and face sweeping backwards, she shows her breasts, the curve of her hip, her groin and her thighs, overlapping as she kneels on the grass. Can you see her too?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo me this tree is a beautiful expression of the female in nature – carrying a gesture of one who knows no shame, who freely and totally opens to life, twisting and turning as the journey takes her.

The female in nature

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery time we choose love over suffering, we heal the planet.

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Appreciation of what grounds us

How often do we forget to appreciate, not only our feet, but the solid earth that rises to meet them every time we take a step in life.

Mother Earth is always supporting us.


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Happy New Year

Pink FlowerOn this last day of the year I received my annual report on The Earth Can Talk web stats. It shows the most widely read post was ‘Flowers reflect 2‘. A lot of these views came from  web searches on popular search engines.

What does this show us I wondered this morning? Well, it shows that we are searching to understand ourselves; looking for new ways to make sense of who we are, to see ourselves more clearly, and the possibilities that might lie within us.

And finding ourselves mirrored in nature…what does this show us?  It shows us there is no one concept of who we are, no set image of ourselves, no set character, or faults, or strengths. We can be the buttercup in all its giggly childhood brightness, or the rose, full of love and digntiy, or the Oak strong and durable. I hope that in 2013 we all begin to explore the limitless potential that lies behind  our ‘selves’, and to celebrate the colourful variety of people we can be – just as nature reflects back to us the rich diversity of simply being alive.

Happy New Year and welcome 2013 🙂

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Being with nature


Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that we like spending time in nature? Why it helps us relax, unwind, feel more peaceful and put things into perspective. Its because nature is exactly that….natural. We are, as energetic beings, affected by everything around us. If we sit in a room full of depressed people, we begin to feel depressed. If we sit in a comedy club we begin to laugh and feel happy. Nature is simply being. It is in it’s natural state, so when we spend time surrounded by nature and when we stop to notice it we begin to feel more in tune with our own natural state, our sense of being, of peace and aliveness.

There are no mental constructs in nature. The trees are not fretting about what they could have, should have……there is no chit chat of the mind – it simply is as it is – and this helps us to move from the mental planes to our core. It puts us in touch with ourselves. Whether we be experiencing joy or sadness, being in nature helps us to be present with it. And it sure helps us put things into perspective for as our minds quieten we can begin to see the deeper truth.

Interestingly I always notice how mellow and kind one can feel after spending time in nature – I’d like to think its because this is the natural state of our hearts.

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Bluebells 2012

Every year the bluebells come


in lilac swathes, beneath the sun.

Around the trees and deepest green

their purple bells can now be seen.

Standing proud in forest glades

dancing in the cool spring shades.

Offering a soothing balm

for weary men in need of calm.

But many of us fail to see

the glory that they really be.

Their gentle scents and sweetest hue

can whisper words of love to you.

So if you take the time today

to see the beauty held in May

remember as you greet the flower

the truest gift within their power;

they show us through their gentle vibe

the potential that exists inside.

The beauty that we see in them

can be uncovered, too, in men.

So celebrate these loyal mauve bands

who brighten up our winter lands

Reminding us to shed our skin

and feel the bluebell grace within.

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