Global health

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlobal Health comes through individual healing. Just as our body is healed by each individual cell renewing and amending itself, our planet is healthy when each individual is so.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe earth loves us and sometimes she smiles at us through her leaves – just like this very happy chappy who smiled at me through the window this evening. Can you see him….the only silvery coloured leaf looking up with a very cheeky grin.


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Ballerina Tree

This amazing photo was in one of the papers recently. A tree gracefully stretching as a ballerina. The world of trees never ceases to amaze me.

Dancing tree


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Fairies of the Spring


As the Spring arrives

the whispers can be heard,

there beneath the daffodils

the scent of fairy words.

They chatter to the primrose,

and laugh below the leaves

of blooming springtime yellows

and yawning waking trees.

Their fine silk wings are twitching,

their eyes are full of mirth

these little imps of mischief

that dance upon the earth.

Fairy Alphabet

They kiss the shy young petals

and tend to growing stems,

while helping out the robins

the closest of their friends.

They help him find the feathers

he weaves into his nest

and then they till the soil

to bring it to its best.

They run through farmers fields

spread magic as they go,

a potent fairy energy

which helps the crops to grow.

They work upon the land

united in their goal

to care for mother nature;

loyal servants to her soul.

So as you see the flowers

take notice as you pass

fairy-songfor you may spot a fairy

jumping through the grass.

And if you are so lucky

give some thanks to them

and you will come to make

a very special friend.

For fairies love a human

who takes the time to  see

the beauty of the earth

and the work of the fairy.

So open wide your heart

and welcome in the spring

the spring that’s carried forth

on tiny little wings.

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If you go against nature all that’s left is man’s constant battle to preserve ego and its constructs. If you flow with nature all thats left is peace.

Yellow rose

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Lady of the Spring

As the spring lady of the earthDaffodils

begins to stir,

listen and you might hear her yawn.

A soft breath of warmth

exhaling daffodils as she wakes.

Stretching out, she turns her soft round belly

to the sun,

lying back upon the grass –

grass which has come to life just today

filled with its clean green smell.

Proud tall blades

standing high,

risen from the ashes of winters’ apathy.

She picks a daisy and blows it to the sky.

‘Thank you for the spring’

she says.

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Soil as a serotonin booster

front_page_thumbHere is some very interesting information, again showing us the benefits and healing properties of the beautiful earth we stand upon:

‘UK scientists suggest that a type of friendly bacteria found in soil  – Mycobacterium vaccae – may affect the brain in a similar way to antidepressants.

Researchers from Bristol University and University College London discovered using laboratory mice, that a “friendly” bacteria commonly found in soil activated brain cells to produce the brain chemical serotonin and altered the mice’s behaviour in a similar way to antidepressants.

Yellow roseDr Lowry and colleagues became interested in the project when they heard that cancer patients treated with the bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae reported increases in their quality of life. They speculated this could be because the bacteria were activating brain cells to release more serotonin.

When they treated mice with Mycobacterium vaccae they found that it did indeed activate a particular group of brain neurons that produce serotonin – in the interfascicular part of the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRI) of the mice, to be precise. They established this by measuring the amount of c-Fos in the area, a biochemical marker whose presence indicates that serotonin releasing neurons have fired.

You can read more on this and also about how harvesting your own crops can lead to a rush of dopamine by reading this lovely article

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Beginning the Spring

As the earth begins to stir for spring, allow the same to stir within. Slowly, gently letting the buds of new ideas, new energy, new hope and creativity to begin their journey from the seeds within your heart to the blossomed petals of your spring self.


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Not only trees have faces…

Face of the canyon

Rock face - HawaiiEyes of a mountain

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Awareness of Life

As humans we think we are more advanced than the natural world as we have the type of brain which allows us to be aware of life, to be aware of living and to explore the idea of life to our hearts content. Indeed this exploration can have its benefits, for our health and the ways in which we live. But it is also this very awareness that separates us; leads us away from the true nature of life and makes it so very hard for us to feel the interconnectedness and the bliss of simply being.

In actual fact that sense of separation is also just a part of life but it makes for uncomfortable living, breeds dissatisfaction, inflated ego’s and isolation. This is where the natural world has the upper hand. Trees dont feel separate from the whole,  from life, because they have no awareness on that level, they are simply alive, being. They are not aware of themselves, do not see themselves as individual forms. Perhaps if we endeavored to do more of the same once in a while there would be less conflict, less stress and more love.

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