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Uniting through nature

  Nature has the ability to unite us, through her adverse weather and her natural disasters. Perhaps we could unite more through her beauty too?  

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The Owl Tree

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Alien Orchids

I am fascinated by Orchids, they seem quite in a class of their own. It has been suggested that they are the most enlightened and advanced species of the flower kingdom. Does this account for their alien faces I wonder?

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Have you noticed the sky today? Have you devoured its scene? Have you stopped at a tree today, to study its bark and its green?   Have you taken a minute today to stop in the mirror and smile? or … Continue reading

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The female in nature

When I saw this tree I saw immediately the beautiful image of Gaia, the female spirit of the earth. With her strong flowing figure and her arms, neck and face sweeping backwards, she shows her breasts, the curve of her hip, … Continue reading

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Every time we choose love over suffering, we heal the planet.

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Appreciation of what grounds us

How often do we forget to appreciate, not only our feet, but the solid earth that rises to meet them every time we take a step in life. Mother Earth is always supporting us.  

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Happy New Year

On this last day of the year I received my annual report on The Earth Can Talk web stats. It shows the most widely read post was ‘Flowers reflect 2‘. A lot of these views came from  web searches on … Continue reading

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Being with nature

  Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that we like spending time in nature? Why it helps us relax, unwind, feel more peaceful and put things into perspective. Its because nature is exactly that….natural. We are, as … Continue reading

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Bluebells 2012

Every year the bluebells come in lilac swathes, beneath the sun. Around the trees and deepest green their purple bells can now be seen. Standing proud in forest glades dancing in the cool spring shades. Offering a soothing balm for … Continue reading

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