About Me

“We can see ourselves in nature and nature in ourselves”

My adventure with the natural realm began in 2006 when suddenly the earth became very alive to me. I was  stunned at the utter beauty of the natural realm and the deep intelligence at work there. I began to realise that what I found in nature I also found within humanity. The earth is an external reflection of ourselves – what we find there is mirrored within.

As I became more aware of the trees and the flowers as living beings, I became equally aware of how closed off we are. We shut down our imaginations, limit our beliefs, cement away our insights and pave over our natural world, both literally and metaphorically. Realising how much we can gain through our links with nature I have been inspired to share my thoughts and ideas with others.

Background Information

I work as a primary school counsellor and with children 0-5yrs with special educational needs. I have an honours degree in History and have trained in Counselling, Creativity & Imagination and Quantum-touch healing. I am also a Reiki master.

I recently completed a diploma in Vibrational Medicine which looked at the healing properties of flowers and plants and contributed to the production of flower essences at a sanctuary garden in France.

Amanda Hill