Fairies of the Spring


As the Spring arrives

the whispers can be heard,

there beneath the daffodils

the scent of fairy words.

They chatter to the primrose,

and laugh below the leaves

of blooming springtime yellows

and yawning waking trees.

Their fine silk wings are twitching,

their eyes are full of mirth

these little imps of mischief

that dance upon the earth.

Fairy Alphabet

They kiss the shy young petals

and tend to growing stems,

while helping out the robins

the closest of their friends.

They help him find the feathers

he weaves into his nest

and then they till the soil

to bring it to its best.

They run through farmers fields

spread magic as they go,

a potent fairy energy

which helps the crops to grow.

They work upon the land

united in their goal

to care for mother nature;

loyal servants to her soul.

So as you see the flowers

take notice as you pass

fairy-songfor you may spot a fairy

jumping through the grass.

And if you are so lucky

give some thanks to them

and you will come to make

a very special friend.

For fairies love a human

who takes the time to  see

the beauty of the earth

and the work of the fairy.

So open wide your heart

and welcome in the spring

the spring that’s carried forth

on tiny little wings.

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1 Response to Fairies of the Spring

  1. Anne says:

    I like this – feels a bit whimsical, and brings Spring/Summer to mind.

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