Beginning the Spring

As the earth begins to stir for spring, allow the same to stir within. Slowly, gently letting the buds of new ideas, new energy, new hope and creativity to begin their journey from the seeds within your heart to the blossomed petals of your spring self.


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3 Responses to Beginning the Spring

  1. Anne says:

    This was nice to read while the sun shone and it felt like Spring was slowly coming. Just makes you feel more hopeful for good things to follow.

  2. brigitte says:

    after a grey day yesterday and a grey day today your words leave a speck of light which makes me believe in a better tomorrow

    • Thank you for your comment. When I stop to think of our moods, the phases of our lives, we mirror the seasons so well. we have our times of new growth, of blossoming, of joys and creation and we have our times of loss, letting go, disintegration and stillness – and so the cycle goes round. We cannot have one without the other. Thanks for your feedback it is nice to get it 🙂

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