Awareness of Life

As humans we think we are more advanced than the natural world as we have the type of brain which allows us to be aware of life, to be aware of living and to explore the idea of life to our hearts content. Indeed this exploration can have its benefits, for our health and the ways in which we live. But it is also this very awareness that separates us; leads us away from the true nature of life and makes it so very hard for us to feel the interconnectedness and the bliss of simply being.

In actual fact that sense of separation is also just a part of life but it makes for uncomfortable living, breeds dissatisfaction, inflated ego’s and isolation. This is where the natural world has the upper hand. Trees dont feel separate from the whole,  from life, because they have no awareness on that level, they are simply alive, being. They are not aware of themselves, do not see themselves as individual forms. Perhaps if we endeavored to do more of the same once in a while there would be less conflict, less stress and more love.

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