The female in nature

When I saw this tree I saw immediately the beautiful image of Gaia, the female spirit of the earth. With her strong flowing figure and her arms, neck and face sweeping backwards, she shows her breasts, the curve of her hip, her groin and her thighs, overlapping as she kneels on the grass. Can you see her too?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo me this tree is a beautiful expression of the female in nature – carrying a gesture of one who knows no shame, who freely and totally opens to life, twisting and turning as the journey takes her.

The female in nature

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2 Responses to The female in nature

  1. Christine Williams says:

    Amazing picture, amazing tree, I love it, really made me smile – especially your description. Was the picture taken in the UK?
    Christine xx

  2. No, it was in a beautiful garden paradise in hawaii – so full of colour and flowers and then right by the water this gorgeous twisting woman baring all for the visitors. Glad you liked it, i do too – she seems so free and bold and just herself. Thanks for the comment. x

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