Happy New Year

Pink FlowerOn this last day of the year I received my annual report on The Earth Can Talk web stats. It shows the most widely read post was ‘Flowers reflect 2‘. A lot of these views came from  web searches on popular search engines.

What does this show us I wondered this morning? Well, it shows that we are searching to understand ourselves; looking for new ways to make sense of who we are, to see ourselves more clearly, and the possibilities that might lie within us.

And finding ourselves mirrored in nature…what does this show us?  It shows us there is no one concept of who we are, no set image of ourselves, no set character, or faults, or strengths. We can be the buttercup in all its giggly childhood brightness, or the rose, full of love and digntiy, or the Oak strong and durable. I hope that in 2013 we all begin to explore the limitless potential that lies behind  our ‘selves’, and to celebrate the colourful variety of people we can be – just as nature reflects back to us the rich diversity of simply being alive.

Happy New Year and welcome 2013 🙂

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1 Response to Happy New Year

  1. Peter says:

    Happy New Year to you too.
    I really hope to hear more of your. Words of wisdom &great ideas to make me thing in this new year. XXX

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