Being with nature


Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that we like spending time in nature? Why it helps us relax, unwind, feel more peaceful and put things into perspective. Its because nature is exactly that….natural. We are, as energetic beings, affected by everything around us. If we sit in a room full of depressed people, we begin to feel depressed. If we sit in a comedy club we begin to laugh and feel happy. Nature is simply being. It is in it’s natural state, so when we spend time surrounded by nature and when we stop to notice it we begin to feel more in tune with our own natural state, our sense of being, of peace and aliveness.

There are no mental constructs in nature. The trees are not fretting about what they could have, should have……there is no chit chat of the mind – it simply is as it is – and this helps us to move from the mental planes to our core. It puts us in touch with ourselves. Whether we be experiencing joy or sadness, being in nature helps us to be present with it. And it sure helps us put things into perspective for as our minds quieten we can begin to see the deeper truth.

Interestingly I always notice how mellow and kind one can feel after spending time in nature – I’d like to think its because this is the natural state of our hearts.

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2 Responses to Being with nature

  1. peter says:

    Beautifully written. We have somehow been trying to keep away from the Mother Nature. Big ities, modern technology, meaningless ways to occupy our time such as computer games, internet and …. They all result to more misery. Make you wonder and think why we are more willing to spend time in nature. That’s where we come from and where we are belonged to.

  2. Anne Page says:

    This is lovely and it made me feel calm just reading it!

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