Bluebells 2012

Every year the bluebells come


in lilac swathes, beneath the sun.

Around the trees and deepest green

their purple bells can now be seen.

Standing proud in forest glades

dancing in the cool spring shades.

Offering a soothing balm

for weary men in need of calm.

But many of us fail to see

the glory that they really be.

Their gentle scents and sweetest hue

can whisper words of love to you.

So if you take the time today

to see the beauty held in May

remember as you greet the flower

the truest gift within their power;

they show us through their gentle vibe

the potential that exists inside.

The beauty that we see in them

can be uncovered, too, in men.

So celebrate these loyal mauve bands

who brighten up our winter lands

Reminding us to shed our skin

and feel the bluebell grace within.

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1 Response to Bluebells 2012

  1. Anne Page says:

    Another lovely poem about bluebells. It always makes me feel good when I see them.

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