Spring Energy – here again

This has already done the rounds once but, well, just as the seasons are cyclical so, too, is my website. 

Flowers help with transition and historically have been given at such times (births, deaths, marriages, recovery from illness) so as the spring begins and the little flowers make their way out they are doing more than brightening up our winter landscape, they are helping us transit to spring.

Along with heralding the beginning of spring, their energetic presence helps us to shift, just as the earth is doing, from our winter hibernation mode, to our spring one. They support us through the turn of the season and to me they always look so proud, especially the daffodils. Perhaps its because they are amongst first ones out or perhaps its because they are always greeted with such  welcoming smiles and relief. Its like they receive  energetic feedback from us which says ‘great, you’re here at last, its so good to see you’. No wonder they look so pleased with themselves.

Humans can find any form of transition hard and flowers at these times help to ease the process. At spring time it’s an easier job, for most of us welcome this time of year but still the flowers help us on a mental level by prompting us out of our winter cocoons. Through their appearance they are telling us ‘ Hey its o.k to come out again’. Emotionally and spiritually they are reminding us of all the wonderful ways we can blossom and shine and energetically they are feeding our energy bodies through their colours, patterns and scents.

Have you noticed, too, how the spring flowers at this time seem to be a parade of yellows and purples? These two colours are linked energetically and together form colour harmony. In the world of colour therapy, yellow is predicatably the colour for the sun. Emotionally it helps to recharge the aura – perhaps just what we need after the long winter months. Violet allows one the ability to change and grow – again fitting I think for the spring. It also stimulates us creatively, showing us this is now a time to come to life again and find, through the light, the sun and the flowers, the enthusiasm and energy to being new projects and create new dreams…..

So welcome spring!

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1 Response to Spring Energy – here again

  1. Anne says:

    I like this so much and several people I forwarded it to siad they did too.

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