John and the Daffodils

Little John Brown lived far out of town
by fields and green countryside.
But little John Brown so often did frown,
he was angry, and sad and he cried.

The people he met did not seem to care,
they told him to stop being glum.
So little John Brown was lonely as well
with no friends, no smiles and no fun.

One day as he sat, with tears on his face
he heard a completely new sound.
It told him “Hello what troubles you son?”
and it seemed to come straight from the ground.

Little John Brown sat upright in shock,
what was it that just spoke to him?
Was it the roots of the ageing oak tree,
or the daffodils that all seemed to grin?

‘Who are you?” he called “and why do you care
when no one round here understands?”
“We care as we notice you, every new day
with no one to take hold of your hand.

“We care as we grow here, right next to your house
and sometimes we also feel blue,
for you people forget that we’re also alive
and hoping to be friends with you too.

Little John Brown stared hard at the flower
and blinked in pure disbelief.
How could this thing talk? Where was its mouth?
Did it also have lips and white teeth?

“You needn’t be scared” the daffodils laughed
I think we could all work together.
We have thought of a plan to vanish your tears
and your loneliness from you, forever.

So little John crouched down to the flowers
longing to hear their idea.
And the daffodils whispered their plan to bring joy
straight into the little boy’s ear.

And slowly his mouth began to turn upwards,
his eyes and his face seemed to beam
as he learned of the plan the daffodils had
to form them all into a team.

So every time John felt lonely or blue
he could visit their sunny bright faces.
And wherever he went he could seek out his friends,
for they popped up in so many places.

They promised to share their bright yellow smiles
with this sad and lonely young boy,
for the daffodils knew that by sharing their love
they, too, would find even more joy.

And from that day onward
The boy and the flowers did never feel lonely again
For they’d formed a new friendship
The first of its kind
A bond between flowers and men.

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