Evening Primrose



Evening Primrose

gold and proud,

immensely strong but never loud.

Lemon petalled

cups of power

emitting healing from this flower.

Speaking out

to females here,

whose abdomens retract in fear.

Showing them

through leaf and seed

their suffering can now be freed.

This flower

is the counter-part

of body pain and weeping heart.

Reminding women


imbalances and lack of care

can be reversed

by breathing in

the blueprint of this offering.

Its lemon fragrance

finds its way

to realign our DNA,

so we can feel

our womanhood,

in all its grace and joyous good.

And just as iron willed

the flower,

we can connect to our own power.

Our mother state,

our female side

which through our pain we have denied,

can now wake up

and shine again

in pride and beauty, free of pain.

Be proud today

as Mother Earth

was also proud when she gave birth

to states of love

and tenderness

through Evening Primrose’ sweet caress.

So feel her kiss

upon your face

and stand up tall in your own grace.

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