A tree with toes?

“Your toes all need tickling”

A tree with toes?

“What do you mean my dear friend?

“There on the floor,

Where you tree trunk does end.”

“Toes my dear lad,

What’s this word you do use?

I’m not like you humans

With feet, socks and shoes.”

“But there on the floor

All covered in green.

Them are the biggest toes

I ever seen.”

“Excuse me dear boy

but I really insist

I do not have man’s feet

So please don’t persist”

“But, Mr Tree, look!

There on the ground

Hidden with grass

Are them toes that I found”.

With a tiresome shrug

The tree looked his way

And all of a sudden

He chuckled way.

His chuckle grew louder

Until he was roaring

And woke up his neighbour

Who was still asleep snoring.

“Toes! My dear one,

they’re the roots of my tree.

My foundations, my pipes

Which bring food up to me.”

‘But you know you are right

They do help me stand

And if they are my feet

Then my leaves must be hands.”

“So run little boy

And get me some boots

And some socks and some shoes

For my leaves and my roots”.

The little boy smiled

And danced his way home

To find the best socks

He could give out on loan.

And all of that night

He dreamed of the tree

Dressed up like a boy

A boy just like he.

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