Welcome to the wonderful world of The Earth Can Talk….

where the daffodils wave and cheer as we pass

and the tulips blow kisses that hide in the grass.

Where the daisies remind us of the child deep within

and the sunflowers give us their golden wide grins.

Where the blossoms can soften a heart that is broken,

while the dandelions teach us to be bold and outspoken.

Along with the poplars who stand tall and proud

who believe in themselves but never are loud.

Where the oak trees give strength and the primroses dance.

Where the trees would be friends if we gave them a chance.

Where imaginations are welcomed upon this occasion

to help the condition of  man-earth relations.

So acknowledge the trees and explore as you walk

the flowers which giggle and the earth which can talk.

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Anne Page says:

    Well I want to be the first person to comment on your new blog. I love the poem – it brings all of those things to mind and made me smile, especially the flowers giggling!

    • The amount of time I have looked at flowers and thought they looked like they were all giggling away. It made me wonder what they are laughing at….what they’re in on that we humans aren’t….or maybe they are just busy laughing at the madness of us as we scurry about in our usually manic lives.

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